Dockyard Derby Dames

Tacoma's Premier Roller Derby Team

Dockyard Derby Dames is Tacoma’s original all-women flat-track roller derby league. As roller derby continues to grow with hundreds of leagues nationwide, we are proud to be a part of this movement. Founded in 2005, DyDD has evolved from a small group of women with a dream to skate to a competitive four-team league. In addition to the four teams, DyDD also has an All-Star travel team which competes nationally. Our dedicated skaters train three to four times a week as well as doing off-skate training.

As individuals, we are teachers, accountants, mothers, lawyers, nurses, machinists, social service workers, journalists, designers, students, business women, sales associates, hairdressers, counselors, and massage therapists. Together DyDD is composed of over 50 athletic, passionate, professional, and spirited women devoted to fostering sisterhood and promoting women's sports.

We are an entirely skater-run non-profit organization. We spend our time training to become better athletes, as well as planning, operating, and promoting our business within our community. Each of our skaters participates in committee work - making decisions and completing tasks for the entire League. Monetarily, we support ourselves through monthly dues which pay for a number of expenses, but our success would never be possible without the support of local businesses, sponsors, volunteers and fans.


When you partner with Dockyard Derby Dames, you become part of an organization that attracts local media attention in all news outlets. From more traditional forms -- television, newspaper and radio -- to up-and-coming media -- blogs, streaming video, and social media -- Dockyard Derby dames puts your business in the spotlight. Check out our current sponsors!

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