Season 7 Championships


Alright Dockyard fans, this is the event that you've all been waiting for! Prepare yourself for an epic battle of will and skill, might and fight.

Season 7 Bout 4


Season 7 Bout 3



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Are you interested in being a Derby Dame? Try-outs will be held 4/7 at Auburn Skate Connection from 8-10. Please bring $10 try-out fee, a form of identification, your registration forms, and a good attitude. You must be 18+. Required gear includes elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, a mouth guard, and helmet. There will be a miscellaneous gear box, but we do encourage you to bring your own mouth guard.

Season 7 Bout 2


The Dockyard Derby Dames are back on the track on April 6th to give you more hits, more grudges, and more action. If you missed the season opener, you definitely don't want to miss this one.  



Do you want to become a Dockyard Derby Dame? Come to tryouts! Email to get all of the info and sign up. 


Auburn Skate Connection

8-10 pm


Dockyard vs. the World Expo Bout


You won't want to miss the Dockyard vs. the World expo bout at Pierce College!

Derby 101

Are you interested in learning about roller derby? Attend an off-skates information session on basic game play, gear, and the process of becoming a NB (new bruiser). Addresses FAQs followed by a Q&A session.

Let's Play Expo Bout


 Join us in the Tacoma Dome as the Dockyard Derby Dames All-Stars take on the Slaughter County Roller Vixens!

5-8 PM