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Skate with us

Calling all skaters interested in roller derby in Tacoma! The Dockyard Derby Dames are looking for WFTDA eligible skaters of all ages, sizes and skill levels to join our league. Contact for information on the process to join or transfer to our league. All new skaters with minimum skills are accepted into our “New Bruiser” group until they are draft eligible for one of our three home teams. You will learn the basics of skating and the skills and knowledge to be ready for basic roller derby.

You can also visit us at our New Kids On the Dock Facebook page for more information.


Referees & Non-Skating Officials

If you're a whistle-blower who looks amazing in stripes and loves being in charge, becoming a referee might just be your thing. We are always recruiting referees and non-skating officials (NSOs) to the “Dockside”. No experience is required. All you need are skates and safety gear to begin. If you want to get involved without the gear, become an NSO and help us keep score, track penalties and keep stats.

How to Become a Ref or NSO

For a ref, step 1 is to purchase equipment. Email for info on the kind of gear needed and to inquire about possible loaners while you gather yours. Next step for both NSOs and refs is to come to as many Wednesday Scrimmages as you can to learn the ropes! Read up on the rule book and future refs can join in on our next Ref School. And that's about it!


We need all the help we can get with all the injuries we acquire from playing a full-contact sport on roller skates. If you are an EMT and would like to attend our bouts for free, become a DYDD Medic. If you are interested, please Contact Us.

(Photo on right by Maxine Guenther)


Become a Sponsor

When you partner with Dockyard Derby Dames, you become part of an organization that attracts local media attention in all news outlets. From more traditional forms -- television, newspaper and radio -- to up-and-coming media -- blogs, streaming video, and social media -- Dockyard Derby dames puts your business in the spotlight.
Contact us for more information.