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About Dockyard

As individuals, we are teachers, accountants, mothers, lawyers, nurses, machinists, social service workers, journalists, designers, students, business women, sales associates, hairdressers, counselors, and massage therapists. Together DyDD is composed of over 50 athletic, passionate, professional, and spirited skaters devoted to fostering found family and promoting sports and safe spaces for all genders.

We are an entirely skater-run non-profit organization. We spend our time training to become better athletes, as well as planning, operating, and promoting our business within our community. 

Our success would never be possible without the support of local businesses, sponsors, volunteers and fans. Please come enjoy a game, support our sponsors, and check out all the ways to be involved in the league.

Slideshow images by: Kevin McGowan/McGowan Photography, RegularManPhotography (Mollys vs Storm City)

Board of Directors

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